Security for your Values

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We will be your partner for safe and successful business.

Valex provides a safe integrated logistic service such as cash precious metals, jewelry, securities, and gift certificates, domestic and foreign transportation and storage services. As a special transport corporation with advanced transportation equipment, large safe depository storage facilities, and a complete accident compensation system, we are committed to providing safer and more customer-centered differentiated logistics services.

Customer centered total logistic service

  • Car transportation in cash and foreign currency (Bank Note)
  • Security logistic
  • Cash handling and management service
  • ATM management service
  • Gold bar, Diamonds, Luxury Brands(Watch, bags) jewelries storage, international and domestic transportation
  • Coin handling and provide service
  • Bonded shed bond transport, custom clearance, loan repayment agency
  • Special logistic(Apple and high tech products, raw metals waste transport, blood transport
  • High quality delivery along with product’s value and brand sensitivity.