Security for your Values

Cash in Transit Service

CIT(Cash In Transit Service)

Based on Know how and principles we will deliver customers
important goods safely and accurately

We provide a convenient reassuring service to customers such as a special vehicles for cash transportation with safes installed(Cash storage safes, GPS, CCTV, two way alarms, and others), Various safety equipment’s(gas guns, police baton, and others), and communication equipment with highest level of professional man power.

We provide stable services with 100% self-managed office and man power operation through VMS(Valex Management system) and we have the best coverage insurance under LIOYD’S insurance, We have best experienced in cash classification, transferring funds from financial institutions to bank of Korea

Customers have the best task result by Valex CIT service

Effect of cash classification service

  • 1. Cost reduction effect compared with direct operation
  • 2. Reduce cash management risk
  • 3. Include the cash classification work. Flexibility in operation of all facilities and reduce investment in capital intensive area
  • 4. Securing objectivity for insufficient funds and cash classification affairs
  • 5. Possibly use database data, accumulation for cash transport and cash classification
  • 6. Large amount of cash transport center helps efficient work performance in economies of scale.
  • 7. Focusing on the customers work