Security for your Values

International Air Freight valuable service

International Air Freight Valuable Service

We provide the import and export logistic services to worldwide such as cash, gold, brands
(luxury watch, jewelries, and others) diamonds under contract with G45 International, Ferrari Group,
Malca-Amit Group Wherever customers want, wherever they are Valex provide fast and
safe transportation with our own extensive global network connection

International transportation service

Characteristic of service
(Global network)
we provide the same quality and safe services in import and export destinations by major cities global network connections.
accident compensation
As long as customer work with Valex there will be any loss, maximum $100 million perfect insurance from Lloyd’s all risk policy system.
Safe management service
in the planeside
Valex can only perform to the customers safe management service in the planeside with confidence and safety.
Expertise’s on worldwide
shipping and customs
With many years of experience, know how we provide accurate and fast information on import, export clearance and transportation in major cities.
Low transportation cost we are trying our best to provide safe and low cost to the customers

International Show

Valex provide comprehensive service such as transport, Import & Export(Tib, CARNET and others), show insurance, storage service to the customers those who participating in international shows held around the world