Security for your Values

Specialty Logistics

SPE(Specialty Logistics)

Valex categorize and arrange professional team for high-tech product, gold bar,
and radioactive waste customer into special logistic to safe transportation.

Considering the transportation service by valued cargo’s characteristics, gold bars including industrial precious metals are delivered to about 3,000 commercial banks nationwide. By having a logistics system that safely delivers high-valued home shopping products to buyers, we are expanding transportation services to consumers. We provide high quality of service by designating a person in charge for each customers, High-tech product include mobile phones are customized to customers need and it maximize customer’s satisfaction.

And also Valex concentrated on 100% safe specialty logistics such as radioactive waste and defense industry association via monitoring entire transportation process.

  • Huge amount of radioactive waste transportation

  • High tech products customized transportation service

  • Tv shopping and transportation of jewelries from commercial banks